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Ite ad Joseph!

Fr. Ariel Tecson
Ite ad Joseph!

Ite ad Joseph! Go to Joseph!
These were the words of Pharaoh to the people of Egypt during the years of famine (Gen. 41:55), referring to Joseph, the dreamer! In those times people everywhere lacked food, but God provided for them through Joseph.
The same could be said of St. Joseph: Behold! A faithful and prudent servant, whom the Lord has placed over his household.” This reminds us of the trust which God placed in St. Joseph to take care of the people so dear to Him. So, Jesus goes to Joseph who provided for the necessities of his earthly life.
But, more than the material and financial blessings, we go to St. Joseph for spiritual blessings! For the interior life... to acquire real and true virtues, for the grace of joyful fidelity and holy observance! In our Congregation, we have the tradition to keep a lighted candle before the statue of St Joseph. It is a beautiful reminder of the light for vocation, asking his intercession to have more holy laborers in the Church.
Ite ad Joseph! We can also invoke the help and guidance of Fr. Joseph Aveni!!!
Let us go to Fr. Joseph to learn how to be good and to do good things... Let us go to Fr. Joseph in times of trial, that we may not be discouraged but have the confidence to meet a forgiving merciful and loving Father.... Let us go to Fr. Joseph in humility and seek his guidance. He will teach us to embrace and fulfill the will of the Father!
Let us go to Fr. Joseph so that like him we may also become good and holy workers in the harvest of the Lord!

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