Meeting of the Coordinators of the Apostolate of the Rogate (CARs)

Fr. John Francis C. Aberion, RCJ
27 Feb 2021
Meeting of the Coordinators of the Apostolate of the Rogate (CARs)

To foster sharing of initiatives on the dissemination of the charism of the Rogate in the respective local Communities, an online meeting with the Coordinators of the Apostolate of the Rogate (CARs) was organized last February 27, 2021.

Attended by some confreres representing their communities, Fr. Ulrich Gacayan, RCJ, Councilor on the Sector of the Rogate, facilitated the meeting which began at 9:00 in the morning.

In the meeting, some key reminders were raised and discussed, such as the planned launching of the Priestly Union of Prayer for Vocations (PUPV), both through the dissemination of the Primer and the invitation of the CARs to some priests who may be inclined to join the association. Fr. Ulrich explained the proposal that will be given to the Bishops and priests. Meanwhile, the representatives also had the opportunity to comment on the draft of the Primer prepared by the Provincial Rogate Vocation Center (PRVC).

On the second part of the meeting, Rev. John Francis Aberion, RCJ, in-charge of the Provincial Rogate Vocation Center (PRVC), also had the opportunity to share before the confreres their responsibilities and tasks as Coordinators in the Rogate Apostolate. He also requested some materials to be forwarded to the Rogate Center as part of archiving for future use.

The online meeting adjourned at 10:30 with a prayer.

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