Preparatory Course for Perpetual Profession: The Psycho-Spiritual Demands of Consecrated Life

Pastoral Institute for Vocation Ministry (PIVM)
31 Oct 2020
Preparatory Course for Perpetual Profession: The Psycho-Spiritual Demands of Consecrated Life

The two-session module workshop on "The Psycho-Spiritual Demands of Consecrated Life" concluded, with Fr. Ariel Tecson, RCJ as its facilitator. The workshop started last Saturday, October 24, and finished on October 31, both held in the morning.

Fr. Ariel presented the demands of the life of a perpetually professed religious. The psycho-spiritual demands of consecrated life refer to the physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual maturity in a formand who is preparing to commit his whole life in the congregation and in the Church through perfect charity. At the same time, Fr. Ariel also presented the principles in the formative itinerary which the formand needs to deepen, in order for him to be prepared to address the faith and challenges in the Church and the congregation today. That is why some methods of verifying the maturity and preparedness of the candidates were introduced in this module, due to the demands of a life that is totally committed to God.

Throughout the sessions, the platforms used were the Face to Face and the Livestreaming (Synchronous) through the Facebook Group "PIVM Perpetuandi 2020-21."

Currently, there are twelve (12) Rogationist Religious Students participating in the Perpetuandi Course, along with one (1) professed member of the Missionaries of the Rogate (Missionarie Rogazioniste)

(Picture Courtesy of Bro. Paolo Alinojan, RCJ)

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